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Affordable community-based living without all the bustle of big city living. This is a wonderful place for growing families. At Bayswood you can relax, recharge and reclaim time for yourself. Everything you need is within easy reach. In this master-planned community, it’s easy to make the most of your leisure time.

Walking and bike paths wind their way through the neighbourhood, linking up to the National Park and the pristine beach nearby. Wetlands with boardwalks invite exploration, while the public playground and BBQ facilities are great for neighbourhood get-togethers.

Community Guidelines

Bayswood is a master-planned community. Everyone that buys land and builds in Bayswood is protected by design guidelines. Their purpose is to add to the aesthetic of the area and make sure that the balance of nature and neighbours is kept.

The design guidelines maximise the connection between indoor and outdoor living through verandahs, outdoor dining and integrated garden design. They capture the essence of relaxed, harmonious living, while the mix of options for materials, finishes and colours reflect the unique character of coastal villages.

Design Essentials are all about bringing people into the lifestyle, ensuring communities grow and helping neighbours forge new bonds.